Contract Addresses

Ownership & Contract control

All the contracts have been renounced and relinquished, and cannot be changed any more.

Any Inu core contracts

Any Inu Deployer0xc9ea626921d6ad1f1bd15a98e2173f9fcb47a03d

Any Inu Main contract0x2598c30330d5771ae9f983979209486ae26de875

Any Inu Burn wallet (ETH)0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead

$AI trading

EVM Trading contract ($AI) – 0x2598c30330D5771AE9F983979209486aE26dE875

SOL Trading contract ($AI) – ACeWC77UeW2DBZMe7YBsuXoxLvk4dHMnPzneApau1Au6

$DN404 trading

DogNexus404 Deployer0xc9ea626921d6ad1f1bd15a98e2173f9fcb47a03d

EVM Trading contract ($DN404)0x8B42DD505b2b4c0b21F75eb284c7295bC71E580B

Community funds

Community Funds Wallet (BSC) - 0x64788B63fdD109225a38D4199C399640b7d8C491

The community funds wallet is multisig with 2/6. One of the six is AnyToshi.

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